Monday, August 6, 2018

true joy

I can smile on the outside, but that’s rather rare to see indeed. 
I’m holed up in the dark abyss of my mind and it’s even more rare to find me crawling out. 
I sunk deeper into the self-pity pit I dug for myself, embraced the depression hugging me. 
There was no way out. 
True joy had left. 

When I saw this beautiful painting by a wonderful lady at my church, I saw myself.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

what about them?

I don’t know how to put into words what I want to say regarding these young boys. Or any young boy for that matter, whether they be in Central America, Asia, the Middle East, or America. But I’ll try. I will most likely step on some toes. Doing so, proceed reading with caution.  

You hear more often than not from humble Christian young women to influential women (such as actresses, singers, etc.) who use their platforms to speak out and make changes for girls in the world. 

That is great to hear. There are so many young girls who don’t have the equality and freedoms we have here in the States. Contrary to popular belief, we do have equality and freedoms for us women. I want to see my fellow sisters both here and abroad to be free from sex slavery, veiling their bodies from others, abuse, etc.  

I have to ask the question that has long since rattled my brain. What about the young boys? Has anyone but me and two friends of mine ever wondered about them? Who is standing up for them? Who is helping them flee from the drugs, alcohol, and violence we so often hear them come from? As of lately, I haven’t. 

A lot of young boys out there in other countries have rights and freedom while their sisters may not. We can’t blame them for being born boys. Many won’t be taught how to love and respect women as Christ loves them. Many will be influenced, manipulated, or simply be taught that way.

I can’t help but immediately think of the boys I met in a village in Central America. They were absolutely wonderful, crazy, and very photogenic. Being boys they played football (soccer), rough-housed, and threw up the peace sign as I pointed my camera their way. They heard my team preach the gospel to them. And that’s what they need just like any other young girl out there.