Saturday, September 10, 2016

What I've Learned | photography school

I've learned so much since starting photography school last year. Especially with how important it is (as an aspiring professional) to shoot in RAW instead of JPEG. When I went to Central America two years ago, I shot in JPEG, because that was all I knew. I kinda regret it now, of course, as I know the awesomeness (*grins*) of RAW, but what could I have done? I was just barely an amateur.

I went back to my hard drive to look at those thousands of pictures, seeing now with my developing photographer's eye, what I could've done better, etc. I resurrected a few favorites, and some I forgot I had. Black and white is a type of editing I don't normally do, but I'm trying to include in my photography. So here are some images for you to enjoy. :)


Friday, August 26, 2016

to the Loyal ones

and by loyal ones, I mean dogs. I've never done a post like this, because well, everyone who knows me knows I love dogs. But today is National Dog Day. It is hard to write this, however, for while I love my dogs, and would love to share their pictures on this blog, (you can go to my Instagram to see a pic. of them!) this post is for a dog that was the epitome of loyalty.