Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I love Jesus.


This world really does tire me out... my brain tires me out. Life tires me out. But I need a little dose of Jesus. A LOT of His Word, praying and talking to Him.

Some people think being a Christian is simple. It's not. It's the toughest life ever. But it's worth it.

Because Jesus is worth it.

And if Jesus is worth it, then the Christian life isn't so bad as it seems.


To say, I took a (rather) long trip a bit ago.


I meet this amazing girl


Spent some time with her



And photographed her small, beautiful wedding.


I loved it -- being a wedding photographer, especially since this was my first wedding to shoot! Seeing two people come together, to join as one and have Jesus first in their lives; it's a beautiful thing. To begin life together, forever.


Life is hard. Life can get busy. Life can be down right horrible. But life can be sweet. Life can be nice for a change.

And as a follower of Jesus, He is my life.

Hallelujah, all I have is Christ
Jesus is my life.

All I Have Is Christ by Sovereign Grace Music

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  1. That's the thing - Christ is not only worth it, but living for our LORD in the ways that He asks, is the *only* thing that's worth living for - ever! The things of this world can trick you into thinking they are worth as much or more than Christ, but they never can and never will be.

    Love the colors in that picture with the hibiscus flower, by the way. :)


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