Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Amber's Quest is on Kindle!

I'm excited to announce that three years later, my first novel ever published, Amber's Quest, is finally on Kindle! I hope a lot of you weirdos who prefer technological books enjoy! (That was said sarcastically, for the record! :P ) I have included a synopsis, just to intrigue you to buy the novel. This is the first book in a medieval fantasy series called, The Wyvern Tales.

The once lowly peasant, Amber, has begun to live the life as a royal. 
But her peaceful days are soon over as she is spurred into an adventure. 
The fate of Wyvern was on her hands. 
The people, and the king of the country, would perish if she didn’t succeed. 
What if she didn’t? …
Only her trust and faith in her Lord would pull her through.


Be on the lookout, by-the-way! There might be a .99c sale for the Kindle novel and a future post with another author! ^_^

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