Thursday, October 1, 2015

What I use Social Media for

They say social media is the greatest thing ever. I mean, it could be. Perhaps.
Sometimes, it's just a pure annoyance. 

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Yet, there can be good usage for social media, and that is promoting you, yourself, and your brand (or authorship? Photography? Whatever it is you love to do).

I don't use all the social media sites, but I'm hear to tell you the TWO majors sites I use.

(©Picture to: Ashleyelladesign)

Ah, yes, I got fairly acquainted with this photo-sharing site earlier this year. I couldn't understand the whole "insta-theme" business, and just posted whatever I felt like. Now, after wading through the depths of confusion, I have resorted to using Instagram as that corner of the world where you'll see pictures of my life, or updates on my novels.

I've had a Pinterest account for several years now, using it mainly for writing inspiration purposes. Now, I've taken it to the next level; creating boards about blogging, or one of my book series, to name a few. 

I think Pinterest has potential in growing my name as an author and (possible photographer). I just need to gain the audience! 

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Of course, I use other sites, like Twitter, or Google+, but not as frequently as the two I mentioned. 

What is your favorite social media site? What do you use it for?


  1. Pinterest. I don't use it at all. Well. Take that back. We have a family one that we share and I do put wardrobe ideas on there occasionally. That's about it. I have a board for pictures for my historical novel too. Just so I could save all my 30's pictures in one spot. :P

    I won't bother going into all the social media I use. You already know. :P You probably also realize that I use Facebook the most. :D

    1. Hehe, true. You do like your Facebook. ^_^


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