Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pray for the Nations | the REAL Horror Story

Curious title, isn't it? I have a reason behind it (as all good bloggers do!) and the thought behind the title post is simple. I have quite a growing collection of blogs I follow. I'm not too picky, but I need to feel comfortable and the author kinda needs to be personal in the blog. So generally I stick to lifestyle, photography, and missionary blogs/websites. One particular blog I've been reading for 2-3 years now is called Tribal Wife.

This is a woman, with her husband and children, who live in Papua New Guinea (PNG) as missionaries. The work they do is really great (Bible translating and teaching) and the updates she shares on her blog are fantastic. Not just that, but eye-opening. Heart-breaking. 

99.0% of the time, I feel as if I'm reading about Nate Saint & Jim Elliot. Tribal Wife lives in an extremely rural village, surrounded by vast jungles and highlands. And... witch killers. Basically, if someone is claimed to be a witch, that person is murdered. Brutally.

I didn't think PNG could be so violent. Seriously. It's horrifying, reading the honest accounts she writes. Reading her most recent post caused me to remember the need to pray for these people who kill others. They need the light of the Gospel to break through such wicked darkness.

I encourage you to please, read her post, read many of them! Take a few moments out of your day to pray for these needy people. For they are truly living in a horror story.


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