Friday, December 4, 2015


Excited? I know I am. I've never done this before, so let's have a go, shall we?? 


It's fairly simple, actually. You must:

1. Be subscribed/follow this blog. Either by email, blogger, or something else. This is an absolute, so there you go. :)

2. Follow me on one of the social media accounts I have. (you don't have to do all, but if you like go right ahead!) 

3. Comment either here on the blog, or my other social media sites you decide to follow with the hashtag #ashtonsholidaygiveaway so I know you're in. 

And there you have it! As indicated in the picture above, this giveaway will last up to next Saturday, the 12th of December. :)

The winner will be announced by the old-fashioned drawing from a hat. 


  1. Hey, Ashton!

    I added your blog to my Feedly and liked your Facebook and Pinterest accounts. Great giveaway!! #ashtonsholidaygiveaway

  2. #ashtonsholidaygieaway

    Ashton, I already follow you on pinterest (may username is marybweird) and I just subscribe to your blog via email. :-)

  3. All my entries. For reference, if nothing else. :D

    I am subscribed to your blog.

    Facebook: #ashtonholidaygiveaway
    Twitter: #ashtonholidaygiveaway
    Instagram: #ashtonholidaygiveaway

    (Had no clue how to put that last on Instagram...)


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