Monday, January 4, 2016

Life Lately

has been completed with GORGEOUS sunsets...
(glory to God for painting the sky these colors on my birthday!)


spending time with dear friends 
(such as this beautiful chica, celebrating our birthdays) 


And then...
I sit down and think deeply 
(because I think deep -- unless I get angry or upset then I think irrationally and spew forth words I should've thought about before speaking them! ANYHOW!)

of how such a hypocrite I am.
Because I am one. Particularly when it turns to how I preach (or talk a lot and a lot) about Jesus and spending more time with Him. 

When in reality, I don't. Absolutely don't. I am not perfect, folks. Yet, that is no excuse.

 my life goal is to draw closer to my Savior. 
Savor His Word. 
study it more as opposed to spending time on useless technology!
No excuses.  
Yet, by His grace I live and breathe. 
Let's live more joyful and thankful this year, yes? 
(and let's spend more time in His Word, with Him,


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