Monday, February 1, 2016

A bit of Sunshine

Since we lacked sunshine when it snowed, why not have some now? :) Though I doubt I'll be getting that glorious summer tan I had last year anytime soon! That's what I despise about winter -- I can never look like a healthy bronze statue, only a pale one. *rolls eyes* 

(quite the contrary, no? There isn't much sunshine in this picture! But it's cool nonetheless!)
Anyhow! I was tagged by the ever-so chic and lovely Lydia Carns to do the Sunshine Tag (queer name, no?). It's basically seven questions about yourself. Now, you may know some things about me that I'll write down, or something new! You never know unless you continue reading. *grins*


1). As I type this, I'm listening to "Pressure" by Andy Mineo. Back in the day, I used to hate rap music. Now? I love it. Funny how that turns out. Oh, and that is Christian rap... not secular rap by any means.

2). As much as I love reading, I just... don't. Lack-of-time? Procrastination? Who knows. But when I do read, I cannot stop until the novel is finished. I sorely wish I was back in my late teens when I didn't have a job and could just read my day away... :P

3). I often refer to my dog as my "prince in shining armor". *giggle*

4). I love beauty things. I also like to spend my money, err, invest in good, healthy beauty products: from make-up, skin care, to hair care. It's worth it in my book. 


5). I enjoy learning (contrary to popular belief) immensely. Just as long as there are no tests about. I love to read about science, herbal health, neurology (picked that up from nearly two years of gaining my certificate!) and English. 

6). I don't think I'll ever not find something new in the Bible. It feels like I always find a precious gem worth remembering or writing down. 
7). Many of you don't know, but I've been able to help contribute photographs for a ladies' magazine called The King's Blooming Rose. I've been blessed to have some of my own work featured in either the monthly forum or the magazine itself. And the position has helped stretch my creativity and pushes me to actually get out there and photograph things! 


Hope you have a blessed week! 

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