Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Week at a Glance

My weeks are mostly busy, too busy it feels like. But hopefully, I'll be having more time to write The Scarlet Rose and actually do photography (as apposed to just studying & reading about photography). *grins*

On my day off of work last Tuesday, I l went to Starbucks to work on editing a friend's story and writing last week's post.


And in taking pictures of my  bookshelves, I've never realized just HOW MANY books I own. Hey, they say a well-read woman is a dangerous one, right?

Even when I don't *normally* wear nail polish on my nails, I *do* enjoy more neutral colors, such as this one by Essie.


School. Yes. The thing I procrastinate in on numerous occasions, but yet, I still somehow manage to get done! I have a big comprehension test upcoming.... one I need to studying & review for.


I think one of the THE highlight(s) of this past week or two was hiking with my sister. My boy, Rocky finally got to meet her dog, Grace. It was such a fun time, and it ended with us eating at PizzaHut. (nothing like good, healthy food, eh?)

I also got to see my coworker from back in Africa... gosh, I haven't seen her in close to a year, and that was so much fun. Added bonus there. :D


Till next week! (or whenever I get around to writing another blog-post!)


  1. I don't usually wear nail polish (too much maintenance :P), but when I do I wear the light colors too! And it matches your pretty ring. :)


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