Friday, March 25, 2016

Life Lately || Pressing Towards Goals

life has been full of a lot of things.

Trips to the library. Here are my awesome finds. *grins* 

Blooming buds. Big and small. 


Cool tiled floor -- one of my favorite things.


My dogs. Or just this one. Who isn't technically mine, but she loves me. ;)


Then life gets to the point in realizing you should take a leap...
And then you realize prayer is a huge factor in the Christian life. 

Not like I didn't already know that, but I've re-learned it recently. 

I've most likely mentioned this 99% on this blog already, that I have goals & aspirations. 
(to sum up)
Missions. Writing. Photography.

Those are my main goals. But I love doing other things, too. I love to try different makeup looks,  and learn about neuroscience. Currently, I'm debating with myself in taking a class in neuroscience. 
The issue? 
I'm never actually going to use neuroscience in the mission field. I highly doubt it. I could take more courses on writing or photography. But I'm already in photography school, and I'm writing books. 
Taking classes in subjects that interest you, you should totally go for. Just keep in mind what your goal in life is. Don't deter from course, believe me, I speak from experience. 
To be honest, I'm STILL LEARNING. 
Pressing towards goals is difficult when there's money involved and experience to gain. It takes time, lots of time, and patience. (Something I lack!)

Enjoy this fine spring weather (or whatever weather where you are!) 
Until next time... :) 



  1. Ohhh, yes. Asking the Lord about our futures (and what that means for us NOW ;-) is so important... I've actually been realizing lately how, as important as it is, I haven't been going to Him near as much as I should. So many thoughts/decisions I debate all the time in my mind, and I haven't been "casting" them on to Him! Mmm, I love to think though, Ashton, that God is PERFECTLY capable of using all things in our lives (all experiences, all interests) to fulfill His purposes! Now, or a day far down the road. And I know what you mean about pressing towards certain goals and not feeling you have the means to - but like you said, if loving Jesus and sharing His love with others is our REAL goal in anything we do, than everything we do can have purpose. =)

    How is your photography course going?? You're taking the photojournalism one from NYIP, right?

    1. Yes! Thank you for your sweet words, Anna!
      School is going good! I'm actually taking the travel photography major! Though I did consider doing photojournalism. :D


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