Tuesday, May 3, 2016

|| beauty ||

After a dentist appointment one day, I decided to trek across an unfamiliar path -- going to a flower festival! Once I saw the admission was reasonably priced as well as the flowers you could pick, I drove off (as rain pitter-pattered on my windshield).

The atmosphere held slight humidity; an earthy scent lingered because of the rain. A hazy mountainous background took my breath away. I just stood there for a few moments, embracing both the droplets of water on my face as well as the fresh air.

The beauty.

Driving home, I was in awe at the flowers I picked, marveling at how the LORD hand-painted each one. How wonderful is our God?


I used these three for my room -- to brighten up my desk area!  


There is beauty in a lot of things.
The beauty of prayer. Even just a short prayer. 

The beauty of His mercy.
His LOVE for such a sinner like me.
I fall every day.
But I marvel at the beauty of His unfailing love for me.

The beauty of trials and pain.
(because with trials and pain, I know I'd get closer to my Lord)

And the beauty of songs. 
(particularly the ones I've been enjoying lately! Such as "The Void" by Nine Lashes and "The Dessert Song" by Hillsong)

So please just say
Where do you go
If nothing can satisfy
I've wasted all this time
I'm finding the road
And tonight the sky
Is burning bright for me
|| the void by nine lashes || 


Until next time.... :)


  1. How beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. you're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed, Sarah!


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