Friday, August 26, 2016

to the Loyal ones

and by loyal ones, I mean dogs. I've never done a post like this, because well, everyone who knows me knows I love dogs. But today is National Dog Day. It is hard to write this, however, for while I love my dogs, and would love to share their pictures on this blog, (you can go to my Instagram to see a pic. of them!) this post is for a dog that was the epitome of loyalty.

She'd follow you everywhere. Or if you were me, she'd follow me anywhere. There was no escaping her. In the morning, she'd lay at the door of my room, waiting for me to get up, open the door, and see her. Her tail was always wagging. She would even scratch the door, sometimes.

I can never forget her. She was sweet, calm, but also the picture of a loud, bellowing hound dog, who loved to eat ANYTHING. She snored loudly. She loved to chase squirrels. She LOVED to sit at your feet, and for you to rub her. ALL THE TIME.

I will never forget her. 

{Samantha "Sammie" Sweeney 2011-2015}

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