Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Scarlet Rose | my novels

Hello again! I wasn't planning on publishing another blogpost for a couple of weeks/month. But I completely forgot to tell my readers I have published another book! YEAH! I know right? Never thought I'd get around to it, eh? Don't worry. I shall not judge you, because I never thought it would happen either.

But praise_the_LORD_it did!

And I am super happy.


For you who like back stories like myself, I shall dive into TSR. I started this story shortly after Amber's Quest. (Yes, I'm literally always thinking ahead.) Probably back in 2012 now that I think about it. Or earlier. This book has been through MANY rough drafts. I lost some of my favorite drafts on a very old computer once. *sighs*

Something clicked inside me, come the beginning of this year. I really, REALLY wanted to publish a book. Particularly this book. My friends, family, even some people I didn't know, kept asking when the second novel to The Wyvern Tales would be published. I have never completed a book so fast! 

I always love making book covers for myself. It's cheaper, obviously. But this time around, I lacked both resources and people. So (bear in mind, this was back in 2013 when this was all transpiring), I asked my pen-pal if she had anyone who could pose as my characters, Iris and Bentley. After a few more messaging back and forth, as well as a collection of photos, she gave me SUPERB covers.

I couldn't have asked for better. Thank you, Sarah. You, your brother, and friend, are the best.

Finally, as someone who is inspired by both words and pictures, Pinterest has given me many great visual aids for certain scenes I wrote in TSR. If you look at my Pinterest page, I have a board solely for The Wyvern Tales. *grins*

I am just so grateful to the LORD for the accomplishment of my book. I hope you all (whoever you may be, reading this!) will enjoy the second installment in my first series.

Until next time... :) xx

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