Tuesday, March 14, 2017

writing discussion | what inspires you?

I've had many people over the course of several years ask me what inspires me when I write. It's as if it boggles them when I create fantasy lands and content like that. It doesn't boggle me. It just comes natural.

But I thought, for those of you who may be aspiring writers, published authors, or just would like to know the "why", I came up with an answer. Don't worry; I didn't make it too complicated. :)



This is a major inspiration. MAJOR. I like to see the way other authors word sentences and create scenes. I like to know how terrible a book is and know how to make sure my own novels don't become like *that*. My favorite genre to read is medieval fantasy. My favorite genre to write is medieval fantasy. Therefore, I like to read as many novels in this particular genre as I can!
(let me just note, this book was really good. There is a character
I fell in love with. The author did a superb job with that character.
Hands down. But there were also issues with this book.
Such as highly unnecessary foul language and homosexual
characters. Sorry, I'm just speaking the truth.
Other than that.... *rolls eyes*)


I love movies. Most, anyhow. I like some romantic comedies, a lot of action/adventure, and of course, fantasy (like NARNIA, people). Movies (especially when based off books I've read, i.e. The Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, etc) give me visuals with characters and their emotions. Oh child, emotions. That is my favorite thing to watch, is a character's reaction and response. The emotion that flashes across their face in dire situations. *sighs*

(when are they going to come out with movies about The Remnants Series by Lisa T. Bergen??? PLEASE.)


Of course, Pinterest is on this list. Anyone who likes pretty pins and visual aids for their novels uses this site. It's so useful. It's so great. I have a board solely for The Wyvern Tales. I love it. Enough said.


I'm picky on what quotes I use or am inspired by. But some, very few, give me ideas and realizations of "Wow, that SO matches 'so and so'..."


*shrugs* What else do I have to say? Believe it or not, normal people in my normal life inspire me. There have been some people I've passed by on zoo trips, etc. who literally inspired me to make at_least_ a minor character out of them. Hehe. 

6.) MUSIC 

This is important. SO important. I love listening to music. I listen to it on the way to a shift and back, while I'm in my room, cleaning, dishes, etc. etc. I love a variety of music. Mostly, movie soundtracks, classical and Christian (and with Christian music, I lean to rock and rap more than praise and worship. Though I like that too). Spotify is my go-to (besides Youtube if Spotify doesn't work) for lists of novel-inspiration. I have a playlist for The Wyvern Tales. *cheesy grin*

just a few of my favoooriittee soundtrack scores

What are some of your inspirations for writing? I want to hear... no, actually, I want to see two people write a post about their inspiration for writing. It's going to be a tag, I suppose. I tag my two friends, Author Rebekah Jones and Lydia Carns.
Until next time... :) 

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