Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Life Lately | going overseas

I haven't done a "life lately" post in forever. Literally. When was the last time? Probably last year. Who knows. *chuckles* Anyhow. Here's a glance at what my life has looked like for a while.


First off, I have been writing the third book in The Wyvern Tales nearly nonstop. We have officially reached over 40k words!! This is a cause for celebration of coffee, yes? ;) 

Secondly, I was able to visit my sister at college in May and we love getting together when she comes home. We saw a beautiful sunset when we got coffee the other week. 


My friend (who is co-authoring Hearts Entwined with me) and I have been passing notes, scenes, etc. via phone mostly, when we don't have the time to get together. I am *so* excited about this novel. I promise a synopsis will come soon! 


Photography has lacked recently (I also graduated in case you didn't know, this early spring), because of work and I've tried to go out and shoot more. Even if it's just from my cell phone. 


Lastly, I have to say. I'M GOING OVERSEAS AGAIN!!! It's been three long years. Waiting. Wondering. Praying. It's finally happening. I'll be doing what I love, in a country I love. God has opened doors and I am ready to go. 

My journey with missions and listening to the LORD has broadened my scope in certain things that I used to be closed to. It's amazing when Jesus softens your heart to ideas you once had hardened against. Who knows. Maybe you'll see me in Singapore or India in the future (far distant future, but anything can change!).


Have a blessed rest of the week! Until next time... :)

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