Wednesday, January 8, 2020

a year of thoughts

I saw two of my favorite bloggers write posts about their past year experiences and thoughts and decided I wanted to do one for myself. If you want to read the amazing Katherine or lovely Rebekah, it's up to you, though I highly encourage it. The questions are from Katherine's blog that I wanted to answer. Let's take a dive, shall we? 

What did you do in 2019 that you’d never done before?

I moved to another country. Actually, that happened in December of 2018, but regardless, I lived in another country for what it felt like a long time. 

What countries/states did you visit?

I did visit Delaware when I was in the States for a brief time in June. Have never been there before and frankly, kinda forgot that state even existed. Haha. Pennsylvania for camp and then back to the country I had moved to.

Did you move anywhere?

Ditto above. 

What was the best month?

I have to say May. I got to visit old friends from the last time I had visit the country I lived in. They live in the most beautiful part of this country. Home surrounded by vibrant green hills, roaming cows, beautiful plants, and soaring mountains. Certainly paradise for sure! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

never loose sight

...of the fact that we live in a broken world. 

I went to see Guasón with a friend the other weekend. 

And that was the worst movie I've ever seen. 

Not because of the violence (<-- more on that soon) or profanity. 

It was the utter misery

the darkness that wrapped itself around the entire character of the Joker and everyone else. 

I could not laugh once, even as I heard some chuckle in the theater. I could hardly even smirk. 

The Joker suffered severely with abuse as a child, though it was barely mentioned.

he was constantly dumbed down, abused mentally, lied to, and considered worthless.

I get why he became a vile, evil, soulless human being. 

But that did not excuse anything he did nor the people who blindly praised his acts.

  I'm very empathetic. I feel people's feelings, even across the screen.