Monday, April 1, 2019

to the ends of the earth

the flow of traffic, weird smells, and people yelling at you to buy their fruits or vegetables or even electronics that probably won't work if you bought them. 
quiet evenings watching traffic (again) from the balcony, spying on kids playing football (soccer) below, and sipping tea. 
handing out food to aging men on dark sidewalks and passing slumbering bodies mistaken for lumps of clothes and having a heart attack because you couldn't see them amidst the trash they used for beds. 
it's experiencing the hospitality of generous, kind people, being fed so much food (in which the rice was particularly oily), you can't look at food for the rest of that day. 
getting lost one night on the bus with friends and you see a giant rat, wonder if you're in the "ghetto" area, and eager to take the next bus to the comforts of home.  
life is hard.
life is beautiful. 
life is about learning. 
life is experiencing many situations and wanting to share those experiences with a special person.
life is taking a step back and bowing at the feet of Jesus. 
life is going to the ends of the earth. 

Friday, December 28, 2018


She almost cried
but stopped herself
her mind kept repeating the night
the last night she would see him
she gripped the steering wheel harder
the burning was real
it hurt
the tears screamed at her to fall
she wouldn't let them
why, you may ask?
because she shouldn't be feeling this way
she didn't want to have feelings for this person