Monday, October 29, 2018

Assassin's Game | novel intro

Here's to introducing the novel I'm currently working on! Actually, it's been in the process since 2011-ish − that's as far back as the earliest drafts go. Crazy, right? It's one of the very first contemporary novels I have in mind to publish.

Choosing the pictures for this mood board was kinda tough as I have a host of inspirational visual aids on a secret Pinterest board. I had to choose something that represented who my main female character was without telling the viewer explicitly. Several friends saw it and told me what they felt seeing/studying it. What do these pictures make you feel? What do you believe is going on? What has your mind created?


Monday, August 6, 2018

true joy

I can smile on the outside, but that’s rather rare to see indeed. 
I’m holed up in the dark abyss of my mind and it’s even more rare to find me crawling out. 
I sunk deeper into the self-pity pit I dug for myself, embraced the depression hugging me. 
There was no way out. 
True joy had left. 

When I saw this beautiful painting by a wonderful lady at my church, I saw myself.